We are your child’s team!

We provide physical, occupational and speech therapies, plus special programs and equipment, to children from birth to age 21. Our therapists are child specialists, committed to providing the best possible care to your child and your family.

Occupational Therapy

Our highly trained pediatric Occupational Therapists have extensive experience helping children with the “occupations of childhood” including development of motor skills, self care skills such as eating and dressing, ne motor skills, play and sensory motor skills. We help children develop independence with fun therapy that can impact the child’s development.

Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapists help children become independent and safe in moving. Whether a child has been injured or has experienced some delays with developmental milestones, our physical therapists specialize in helping children build and strengthen their muscles and increase their balance and coordination.

Speech-Language Therapy

Our specialized Speech Therapists help children who have challenges expressing themselves verbally and non-verbally, understanding and/or processing language. We emphasize receptive and expressive communication, articulation, voice, uency and social pragmatics. Our speech therapists have special training in autism programs and oer special programs in the use of augmentative communication devices.